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Social Audit


Similar to a tax audit, a social media audit is meant to examine if something you’re doing is worth your time, energy, and money. Essentially, we're taking a close look at activity, audience, following, and financial investments on your media accounts. The goal is to find out if your marketing and advertising efforts on social media are still relevant to your own brand. 

Campaign Management


A Targeted Campaign is a full-service program focused on maximizing your exposure to your key audiences. We combine our knowledge of industry verticals with the art of advertising analytics reading and response to ensure that your marketing campaign is seen by internet users exhibiting buyer behavior unique to your company and your industry.

Strategy Review


This package will be customized to ensure your marketing strategy is optimized with up to date info. We'll equip you with tools and tricks to maintain updated trends and to be ready for any market shifts.

Consultation and Speaking Events


In order to be a warrior, one must always be willing to teach others! I'd be happy to speak at your event or to your group! Building a community with social is a must-do nowadays and the best way to do it is by getting involved with communities.

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