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If you're a veteran owned business grossing $250k or less, I want to talk to you!

 My focus, as a veteran, is to help other veterans grow their businesses. I particularly enjoy helping smaller businesses grow because I know where I came from, and it isn't an easy road.

 I've developed a 5-step program that is guaranteed to get results for business owners. I call it the Warrior Strategy. Why? Because it requires dedication, passion, hard work, and integrity, which are just some of the many qualities a warrior possesses.  


If you're in this for a quick buck, go ahead and leave my site. I'm not here to help you make the immediate cash, I'm here to help you develop a strategy that covers your six. If you're willing to persevere through the hard times, I'll help you get to the good times. 

Let me tell you a story...

Ever since I was a child, I’ve always had a desire to help people. My mother and father were both in the military, so I credit them for instilling within me service to others and discipline since I was a child. So much so that, at the ripe young age of 17, I joined the U.S. Army. I went to boot camp between my junior and senior years of high school, then finished out my training after graduation. Thus began a long story of service-related jobs!, from the simple retail job at 17 to me being on the C.E.R.T. Team and a Detention Officer for my hometown Sheriff’s Office. Every job I have had since I was able to start working was in service to people in one way or another. I’m still in the U.S. Army ten plus years later and credit my fantastic parents to my constant desire to help people! Yet the one desire I had that I was never certain I would be able to accomplish is to own my own business, to be my own boss!

 Fast-forward to a couple months ago when I met Andrei Popa, now a great friend and mentor, through my wife Anca. He is the Vice President of European Operations for an amazing company called My Mini Casa. He told my wife about a sales job that pays commission and can be done for free from home. I, of course, didn’t believe it when she told me. A week or so later, I became curious and wanted to know as much as possible! I even showed up to the corporate office and picked Andrei’s and the CEO’s, Aaron Peterson, brain for the better part of the afternoon! Aaron told me, “Slow down and focus on selling one container. Then sell two.” So I did! I started selling shipping containers and ended up creating my own team, Conex H! However, I soon noticed a plateau with the suggested methods of advertising for business and wanted to diversify my capabilities as a consultant. THAT is when I got hooked! 

I started researching the common methods of marketing: billboards, magazines, newspapers, radio, etc. Then, I steered my focus towards the world-wide web and it’s infinite opportunities! I subscribed to podcasts, downloaded news articles, optimized my LinkedIn profile, and began to grow my business network! I was addicted, I couldn’t get enough! I fell in love with the strategic methods of digital marketing and learning about the market’s fluctuations with different platforms. My newfound hobby had started to turn into the base platform for what would become iuby LLC. 


Here we are now, providing amazing services to even more amazing clients! In keeping with my ultimate belief of service to others, our number one goal as the consultant is to help clients navigate the ever-changing digital market so they can effectively provide a larger audience the services they need while simultaneously increasing their revenue. 


What I teach everyone at iuby LLC is: Be, Know, Do. Be the person you want to be so no one can tell you that you are someone else. Know your job and the jobs of those around you so you can provide an eternal value to yourself and your peers. Do what is right at all times so no one can question your integrity. At iuby we are great at many things, but we are the best at what we do.

Thank you for taking the time to read this story! I wish you the best and invite you to join the iuby family!

Kyle Hetrick

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